HVAC Smarter
with InThrMa EMS
InThrMa SensorBus - An MVP for your portfolio

InThrMa EMS' newest addition and MVP is the InThrMa SensorBus. Hands-down the quickest way to monitor your temperature and relay states. SensorBus plugs in to your Ethernet network and automatically connects to inthrma.com - no firewall changes needed.

Each unit provides: four 1-Amp relays, four optically-isolated digital inputs, support for up to four temperature or humidity sensors, and the ability to control up to 16 remote relays. This makes the InThrMa SensorBus ideal for monitoring temperature control systems such as refrigeration units, freezers, food warmers, industrial equipment, auxiliary temperature sesnsing needs and other applications where real time monitoring is key for efficient, safe, and compliant operations.

The InThrMa SensorBus is fully integrated with the InThrMa EMS - call us for pricing and a demo.

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