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InThrMa Energy Management Suite is a set of powerful web-based tools to help you integrate, manage, understand, and optimize your HVAC systems.
  • InThrMa EMS For Your

    InThrMa EMS (Energy Management Suite) is a vital set of tools for managing your HVAC systems, whether you oversee 1 building or a portfolio of properties.

    It's no longer a matter of just modifying setpoints and schedules, but rather, how does my HVAC infrastructure interface with the rest of my facilities and work-flow? How do I invest in efficiency? How do I tie it all together? We know that you have to evaluate and understand the big picture as there are countless factors to consider, from security to access to protocols to interoperability to integration and more - we're here to help you figure it out.

    InThrMa EMS will be a key asset in your infrastructure operations, in addition to managing your HVAC resources. Learn more below.

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    Network Thermostat Venstar

    Pelican Wireless RT
    Home and Office
  • InThrMa EMS Calendar Connect allows you to connect your organization's web based calendar to your InThrMa EMS account. Once connected, your calendar events will stay in sync with your HVAC programming. No extra effort for you or your facilities team!

    • No more manual thermostat management
    • Default your spaces as unoccupied
    • Automatically pre-condition prior to events
    • Only condition during events
    • Reduce energy use
    • Reduce equipment wear and tear
    • Leverage your existing calendar
    • Canceled event? No problem, HVAC canceled
    • Updated event? No problem, HVAC updated

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  • InThrMa OEM & White-Label Solutions

    Beyond end-users, InThrMa EMS is used by 3rd parties to build lasting client relationships, optimize operations and extend their product offerings.

    • HVAC Service Firms can customize InThrMa EMS to provide their clients with just the right set of features, branding, and controls. This customized version of InThrMa EMS will compliment your web presence and ensure that you create valuable and sustainable client relationships.

    • Property Management Firms have found InThrMa EMS to be an ideal tool for daily operations. Remotely controlling and managing your portfolio of HVAC systems as well as monitoring key building systems, all without having to drive from property to property, is an invaluable tool.

    • Controls Manufacturers can partner with InThrMa to integrate their devices into InThrMa EMS. InThrMa's web-based and mobile tools will enhance your devices for both new and existing customers.

    InThrMa White Label
  • InThrMa EMS Case Studies

    Read our various case studies to learn how people are using InThrMa EMS to optimize their HVAC systems and their overall HVAC operations.

    Faircreek Church

    A Dayton, Ohio Church used generous local Utility rebates to upgrade their HVAC controls. They also connected their Church calendar with InThrMa EMS and in doing so, their calendar events automatically manage their thermostat schedules.

    A Valuable Tool for Small Business

    A Houston, Texas based salon and spa with seven locations was looking for ways to save money on air conditioning, its largest energy expense.

    Helping Property Managers Expand Their Services

    A Lake Placid, vacation property manager remotely manages HVAC in his portfolio of 13 vacation rentals.

    How Smart Landlords Manage Energy Costs

    InThrMa EMS helps a Boston landlord, cut energy costs, improve tenant comfort, and increase managerial control over his properties.

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    Utility bills
  • InThrMa Auto Demand Response

    The InThrMa EMS AutoDR module extends the base EMS offering with Auto Demand Response functionality. In doing so, you have a comprehensive yet cost effective way to reduce HVAC loads during peak demand periods, when electricity rates are at their peak.

    • At home or at the office: InThrMa's AutoDR module lets you specify your DR temperature profile, including the ability to pre-cool prior to the event. Once your temperature preferences are set the AutoDR module handles all the rest for you. You have the ability to opt-out of a AutoDR event at any time with a single click. Note: Your Utility likely offers Demand Response rebates that can cover the system costs.

    • Utilities: InThrMa's OpenADR based Auto Demand Response Platform is an ideal AutoDR solution for your light commercial customer base. This sub-BMS market segment needs a automated DR solution at a cost effective price point. InThrMa EMS with AutoDR is the right solution for their needs.
    Auto Demand Response