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2010 GreenBeat Finalist
InThrMa's award winning HVAC efficiency tools have redefined the way people interact with their HVAC systems providing users with tools to optimize, visualize and control their energy systems. InThrMa is available to end-users, for Auto Demand Response applications and to controls and HVAC providers looking to extend their offerings.
InThrMa EMS - A Valuable Tool for Small Business

A Houston, Texas based salon and spa with seven locations was looking for ways to save money on air conditioning, its largest energy expense. By using InThrMa's web based EMS, Salon Park reduced operational and electricity costs, centralized control over all thermostats, introduced building automation features, and identified numerous employee-driven inefficiencies that led to additional savings. Combined, these savings amounted to over $35,000 annually, more than 10% of its electricity expenses.

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InThrMa EMS - Helping Property Managers Expand Their Services

A Lake Placid, vacation property manager remotely manages HVAC in his portfolio of 13 vacation rentals. In addition to routine winter maintenance, such as snow removal and checking for frozen pipes, he provides vacation rental services for property owners. He was looking for a way to reduce labor costs associated with his maintenance responsibilities while extending his property management services. He found InThrMa EMS to be an affordable, easily installed solution to meet his needs.

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InThrMa EMS - How Smart Landlords Manage Energy Costs

InThrMa EMS helps a Boston landlord, cut energy costs, improve tenant comfort, and increase managerial control over his properties. His three rental properties were originally single family homes, and were later converted to separate rental units sharing a common boiler. Although this configuration prevented him from having to buy a separate boiler for each rental unit, it presented significant financial and management drawbacks. Learn how Rich addressed multiple challenges with InThrMa EMS.

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