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"I had an alert to tell me if the inside temp ever exceeds 80 degrees since the day temp is set at around 76... Just after midnight it paged me that the temp hit 82. I was able to remote in to check status and then verify with my security cams that no one was physically there tampering with the t-stat and put in the service call... All without ever getting out of bed :)
By the time I got over to the property the service guy was there and no one got cold.
Bottom Line: This service and the thermostat saved me a couple of hundered bucks in oil and possibly a boiler that might have cracked due to faulty controls :) "

Tom (Property Manager)

"Thanks for allowing me access to your thermostat. I had a good look both on my laptop and my blackberry and it works nice. I'm going to go ahead and order the NT10e later today, so will be in touch when I'm ready to subscribe to your service."

Rob (Frequent traveler / Home Owner)

"I love your logging program. Every Proliphix user should have it. They need to understand that using your monitoring costs less per year than just the electricity to run the computer they'd have to leave on 24/7 to do the same thing."

David (Energy Industry)

"[This] solution provides an easy to use and highly informative dashboard view to HVAC management in a home. The ability to see cooling and heating as well as outside temperature and humidity allows one to have a 360 degree view of the environment. Simple, elegant and excellent."

Alex (Home Owner)

"It turns out that this is a great diagnostic tool. In earlier e-mails I mentioned that each HVAC unit has unique operating characteristics that are fairly predictable for a given set of environmental conditions. Your software displays what appears to be an electrocardiogram of the HVAC unit. The on/off, cool down, heat up pattern should be relatively constant for a given day unless there is a problem with the unit. Such was the case with the CARNEL NE unit. If you look at the data for early last week, you'll see that the unit was frequently not firing its burners, sometimes for several minutes, before full ignition occurred. This can be seen on the graphs with a choppy little "beat" instead of a full cycle "beat" not to mention significantly lower temp increase/minute. The unit got a new burner assembly on Friday the 18th. You've done a good job with this."

Jim (Property Management)

"I love the work you did on the site. Its awesome. Especially since I can now control my thermostat easily from my LG Voyager phone."

Joe (Home Owner)

"Service works great. I am really impressed. The Mobile support works great on both the Sony Ericsson W810i and the Palm Tx."

Steve (Home Owner)

"I thought I would mention that InThrMa was the major reason I discovered a problem with the combustion motor on the furnace in my Northern Michigan vacation home. I noticed that, while viewing the stat graphically, it was taking an inordinate amount of time to raise the temperature one degree on a heating cycle. The unit was heating but it was taking about 4 or 5 times as long to satisfy a heat call as I would expect. The furnace was working well enough avoid a low temperature alert. This could have gone on all winter wasting a huge amount of fuel had I not noticed the problem because I won't be back there until next May! This experience serves to point out the need not only for monitoring but using the InThrMa alerts intelligently particularly in unoccupied units."

Jim (Property Management)