HVAC Smarter
with InThrMa EMS

HVAC Smarter with InThrMa EMS

Harness the intelligence of the cloud to make your church HVAC efficient, easy to manage, and easy to understand.

You’ve already heard (or given) the most common reasons/excuses. Month after month, those excuses get in the way of your church saving on utilities and reducing HVAC equipment wear and tear. Making your HVAC operations more efficient is somewhere on your to-do list; there’s just always a lot ahead of it on your list.

Upgrade the way you manage your church HVAC and put your time and valuable resources back where they count most, into ministry.

InThrMa EMS (Energy Management Suite) is your key to an energy efficient church. Make your existing HVAC systems work smarter.

InThrMa EMS - Your entire HVAC portfolio managed from a single web console. No more guesswork, no more oversights, no more running around your facilities for checks and adjustments.
By upgrading your thermostats and using InThrMa EMS you will enjoy HVAC oversight, automation and efficiency.

OVERSIGHT Tools when you need them.
24x7 oversight the rest of the time (when you’re busy with the rest of your list).

AUTOMATION Your church already has an events calendar.
InThrMa EMS Calendar Connect is like Auto Pilot for your HVAC system. Why create extra work by maintaining two calendars?

EFFICIENCY Dashboards, real time alerts, mobile app, graphs and intelligence to keep all of your systems running smoothly.


Leverage your existing Community Church Builder events calendar to automate your HVAC programming. No need to spend time managing HVAC schedules. HVAC scheduling is automatically kept in sync as events are created, updated or canceled. Spaces are conditioned based on your events calendar and are pre-conditioned to ensure comfort.

  1. Upgrade your thermostats
  2. Connect your CCB calendar to InThrMa EMS
  3. Map your spaces to thermostats
  4. Define exceptions
  5. The rest happens automatically
  6. Get on with the rest of your to-do list...
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Read the case study:

Faircreek Church in Fairborn, Ohio

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About InThrMa EMS

Based in Bethesda, Maryland, InThrMa, the creators of InThrMa Energy Management Suite, is a software company focused on HVAC management and efficiency. Our in-house developed software integrates with a variety of 3rd party technologies from thermostats to sensors to relays to cameras. Our flagship offering, InThrMa EMS, is used nationwide in commercial buildings, houses of worship, office buildings, rental properties, warehouses and the like. InThrMa EMS if focused on the large gap between traditional wall thermostats and the other end of the spectrum, large, expensive building management systems. If your needs fall somewhere in between those, we would be honored to have you as a partner.