HVAC Smarter
with InThrMa EMS

Manage Your Villa's Largest Expense With InThrMa EMS


MONEY Savings. EQUIPMENT Savings.

TIME Savings. WORRY Savings.



One less chore, one less thing to worry about!
Streamline your operations with InThrMa EMS integration into popular booking calendar systems.
If you use the most popular booking sites, we connect your booking calendar with InThrMa EMS to automatically program and manage bookings into your thermostat schedule. It's really that easy! Autopilot for your schedule.
If a booking is added, or changes, or is canceled, we handle it for you, automatically and accurately. Leaving you and your property manager with one less thing to worry about or mix up.


24x7, InThrMa EMS helps you identify potential issues before they become costly headaches.

For a remote property owner, InThrMa EMS Intelligent Alerts are an invaluable tool to keep a watchful eye over your HVAC & pool systems. InThrMa EMS Intelligent Alerts help you identify potential guest abuse, system malfunctions leading to frustrated guests, inefficient system performance and other conditions that may turn into costly bills or repairs. HVAC is your largest controllable expense, InThrMa EMS Intelligent Alerts helps you manage those costs down and your profits up!


Say goodbye to modem and router configuration woes!
Secure your most critical assets. InThrMa VPN Gateway is a small device that plugs in anywhere on your network (modem or router) and voila, no more reliance on modem settings or insecure thermostat, HVAC, pool access. With a VPN, you can rely on bank-grade SSL security to protect your systems. It can be installed and operational in less than 5 minutes by a property manager.


  • Calendar Based HVAC, Pool & Spa Scheduling
  • Detailed Reports For System Troubleshooting & Analysis
  • Real Time System Monitoring For Efficient, Surprise-Free Operations
  • Fully Customizable & Lockable Thermostat To Minimize Guest Abuse

MONEY Savings EQUIPMENT Savings TIME Savings WORRY Savings
PROBLEMS Villa margins are thin – unmanaged energy costs have a significant impact on profitability Emergency HVAC service calls to discover frozen or failing equipment are the worst (and last minute) way to deal with HVAC & pool equipment Having to manually program thermostats, check temperatures, etc Worrying about system use/abuse/status from afar
SOLUTIONS Villa owners can actively and intelligently manage their largest controllable expenses Intelligent alerts help you detect problematic conditions before they turn into costly repairs & downtime Calendar Connect & Intelligent Alerts allow for efficient remote operations Full visibility and access, available online, 24x7


Our reliable, local, expert partners to help you with any system needs that may arise. All thermostat support needs will be received, handled, and dispatched for you, by InThrMa (typically dispatched same day).
  • Single Point of Contact For All Of Your Thermostat System Support Needs
  • Support portal for triaging, communicating, and tracking your support cases and full access to the process.
  • Once you create a support case InThrMa will triage it within 2 hours (in most cases) and dispatch it to the most qualified resource based on the work required and based on your preferences.
  • InThrMa will leverage our team and or your team (property manager) to achieve the best possibly outcome for you.
  • If minimizing cost is your primary goal, we will dispatch accordingly. If expediency is your primary goal, we will dispatch accordingly.
  • OUR GOAL: To help you get you system operational again, as quickly as possible, with the least cost.
  • Automatic monthly/quarterly filter and drain inspection reminders for your Property Manager (or designee).

Why not just use Nest, Ecobee, Honeywell, etc?
The short answer: Remotely controllable doesn't mean intelligent

The slightly longer answer:
  • Those devices are better suited for owner occupied properties
  • No ability to control/view pool system
  • No remote sensor capabilities
  • No integration w/ booking calendars
  • No integration w/ door/window sensors for additional savings
  • Mass market solutions, no connectivity to other villa systems
  • Software targeted to home user, lacking meaningful alerts, reports, and integrations

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